“Prevention (Immunisation) is better than cure”

“Immunisation is one of the most practical & economical way of preventing diseases”

  1. IPV (Injectable Polio Vaccine) = If IPV is not available or not affordable than give OPV. Pulse Polio is must in addition to the above timetable.
  2. Painful DTP (DTwP) gives better protection than painless DTP (DTaP). So painful DTP (DTwP) is must for 6 Week, 8 Week and 10 Week. Painful DTP (DTwP) causes pain, swelling at injection site and fever.
  3. Rotavirus Vaccine – Rotateg is 3 dose (6wk, 10wk, 14wk) and Rotarix is 2 dose (10wk, 14wk).
  4. Influenza Vaccine is not a compulsory vaccine. It is needed for high risk children, healthcare professional and children of anxious parents. Influenza Vaccine gives 80% protection against swine-flue.
  5. Minimum time interval between MMR and Typhoid-TCV is 1 month if not given in same day.
  6. *There is no need of revaccination after two doses of Typhoid-TCV vaccination.
  7. *For hepatitis-A Vaccination = single dose of live Hepatitis-A vaccine (Biovac-A) or two doses of killed Hepatitis-A vaccine (Havrix, Avaxime)