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Inauguration of  ‘DIALYSIS UNIT’ at Sanjivani Family Hospital on 05.03.2013. ‘Sambalpur Dialysis Unit’ is the first 2 bed Dialysis Unit in Western Odisha, set up at Sanjivani Hospital in collaboration with SPARSH NEPHRO CARE. The facility infrastructure & management is being conducted by Sanjivani where as Sparsh Nephro Care has provided the equipments & Staffs.

This Dialysis Unit was inaugurated by Dr K D Purohit, MD. About 20-30 Doctors were present in the inauguration ceremony.

There is no Dialysis facility in entire Western Odisha(even the facility at VSS MCH, Burla is not functioning for last 2 years ) & kidney patients have to go to Cuttack or Bhubaneswar to avail the facility which is inconvenient & expensive. Dr Agrawal profusely thanked Sparsh Nephro Care for their collaboration thus making quality dialysis affordable and accessible at Sambalpur.

The role of Kidneys & Dialysis. The kidneys help filter waste, excess fluid, and toxins from our blood. They are also important for blood cell production and bone health. If kidneys don't work properly, harmful substances build up in the body, blood pressure can rise, and too much fluid can collect in the body's tissues, which leads to swelling, called edema. If one’s kidneys fail, they will need a life-saving treatment called DIALYSIS. Kidney dialysis is a life-support treatment that uses a special machine to filter harmful wastes, salt, and excess fluid from the blood. This restores the blood to a normal, healthy balance. Dialysis replaces many of the kidney's important functions.

Out of about 10,00,000 patients in India suffering from Kidney Failure only about 50,000 patients have access to any kind of dialysis services; the major reason for this being inaccessibility of Dialysis in small cities. Sparsh Nephrocare, the pioneer of "In-hospital " dialysis units, is aiming to change all that by partnering with like-minded doctors & hospitals. High quality treatment doesn't always have to be expensive and beyond the reach of patients.  He announced that Dialysis will be conducted at the economic price of Rs.1750/- at Sanjivani.

 The opening of the Dialysis Unit will certainly benefit the people of Western Odisha.