Scheme for cord blood banking of newly born baby

Why to preserve placenta/cord blood of your new born baby?

फुल व नाडी रक्त संग्रह योजना क्या है?

  • Usually we throw away the cord blood after delivery thinking that it is value less.but cord blood contains a lot of life saving cells(stem cells).
    The god gifted cord blood steam cells can repair and re generated the diseased part of our body like blood, brain, liver, kidney, bones etc.
  • Using cord blood steam cells, we can treat incurable disease like cancer ,diabetes,blood cancer, thalassemia, brain related disease, heart disease ,genetic/ hereditary disorder. Further research is going on for such application in other disease.

  • Cord blood can be saved up to100 years. you and your family members can use these steam cells for treating above disease.

    Cord blood is collected from the placenta during delivery.
    It is not harmful to the mother & the newly born baby.