“Prevention (Immunisation) is better than cure”

“Immunisation is one of the most practical & economical way of preventing diseases”

  1. Fourth dose of Hepatitis B permissible for combination vaccines only
  2. **In case IPV is not available or feasible, the child should be offered bOPV (3 doses). In such cases gift to fractional doses of IPV at 6 week & 14 week
  3. *** b-OPV, If IPV booster (standalone or combination) not feasible
  4. **** Third dose not required for RV1. Catch of up to 1 year of age in UIP schedule
  5. *****Live attenuated Hepatitis A vaccine: single dose only
  6. ******Begin influenza vaccination after 6 month of age, about 2/4 weeks before season; give 2 doses at the interval of weeks during first year and then Single dose yearly till 5 years of age
  7. #TCV-Typhoid Conjugate vaccine, ## HPV-Human Papilloma virus
  8. Meningococcal vaccine (MCV): 9 months through 23 months: 2 doses, at least 3 months apart; 2 years through 55 years; single dose only
  9. Japanese Encephalitis (JE): For individuals living in endemic areas & for travellers to JE endemic areas provided their expected stay is for 2 minimum period of 4 weeks
  10. HPV: 2 doses at 6 month interval 9-14 years age; 3 doses (at 0,1,2&6 months) 15 years or older and immunocompromised
  11. Cholera vaccine: Two doses 2 weeks apart for >1 year old; for individual living in high endemic areas and travelling to areas where risk of transmission is very high.